Not much is known about this group of dinosaurs due to a lack of fossils. However, they did have very thick bony plates on their head, which they probably used for head-butting each other in a similar way to sheep and goats.

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We are really excited to be involved with Dinomania! Look out for our two stegoceras’ lurking in the Zoo ready to pounce, these herbivorous dinosaurs might look cute but they can still pack a punch!  After your visit to the Zoo, why not wander up to Clifton Village. It is only a five-minute stroll away and is one of Bristol’s most beautiful places to visit. Lined with 18th and 19th century terraces and home to majestic Georgian architecture, the picturesque streets are brimming with shops, cafes and restaurants. To see what the village has to offer, simply follow the link below. 

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Stegoc Fact File

Fact File


Meaning of name  
Horned roof – look for the spikes around their head

2.5 m

70 kg


When it lived   
Late Cretaceous (75 million years ago)

Where it lived   
North America


Its back legs were three times longer than its front ones!

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