Tyrannosaurus Rex

Look at those huge teeth! At 30 cm long, T-Rex’s teeth were about the size of a garlic bread baguette. Not everything was super-sized though; T-Rex’s arms were just 1 m long, the same as a human’s. Do you think you could beat one in an arm wrestle?

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Trex Fact File

Fact File

TIE-ran-owe-SORE-us rex

Meaning of name
Tyrant reptile king 

12m – as long as a bus

6,000 kg – the same as an African elephant


When it lived
Late Cretaceous (85 – 65 million years ago)

Where it lived
North America


If a T-Rex lost a tooth, it didn’t need to bother the tooth fairy; it just regrew a new one.

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